Avanza showcases Blockchain Solutions

Waqas Mirza, Managing Director, Avanza Solutions.

Avanza Solutions unveiled its solutions at the GITEX Technology Week. The innovations, based on Avanza Solutions’ blockchain platform Cipher, are set to revolutionize the two-way interaction between the public and private sectors and their customers and residents, respectively. Having a booth at the Smart Dubai, they are delivering reconciliation and settlement plot project on blockchain for the Dubai Government which is supposed to go live in December. “Dubai government has been really impressive and has been keeping us on our toes and have absolute clarity of thought. Doing a project with Dubai government is an honor for us” says Waqas Mirza, Managing Director, Avanza Solutions.

In addition, Avanza Solutions has also been working in partnership with Avaya to develop the Happiness Index on Blockchain. The solution will enable organizations to better monitor and react to customer satisfaction in real time. Happiness Index on Blockchain showcases how companies and government organizations can leverage blockchain to securely collect and integrate data from multiple sources. “Jointly with Avaya, we are trying to capture customer sentiment in real-time through unstructured interactions. These interactions are analyzed in real-time and then we try to gauge the sentiments from these interactions. We also try to determine the causality. We are here to learn and collaborate and like every year GITEX is a platform to market ourselves” concludes Waqas.