For a ‘CLOUD’ World

Joeri Borstlap, Managing Director of Resello

Resello is a cloud based automation platform and marketplace for different cloud services. It enables customers to go quick to the market with the cloud solutions of their choice that includes domain names, web hosting solutions, email solutions etc. Resello is a Microsoft developer partner. One of their latest offering is the Azure Stack. Joeri Borstlap, Managing Director of Resello says, “Azure stack helps you to embrace hybrid cloud computing on your terms. It gives businesses the freedom to decide where their data resides and provides consistency across private, hosted, and public clouds.”

He adds, “We are a group of companies that was founded in 2000. Resello was born in 2012 and we have managed more than 2 million domain names worldwide. Our servers are located in the Netherlands in one of the most secure and advanced data centers in the world.” The company also boasts of 50+ accreditations and more than 1,000 TLDs.

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