The future is cloud

StarLink has its eye on the $1 billion mark in 2024 and the team believes that the challenge for a valueadded distributor to reach the $1 Billion mark is vastly different from that of a volume distributor, that shifts boxes. The VAD has a very strong portfolio of security, datacenter and cloud solutions. Heading the Cloud solutions sales at StarLink is Sherif Hamdy, the Cloud Sales Director. According to him, the company is seeing steadfast growth in the cloud adoption, migration and implementation in the region. “Cloud and Datacenter solutions are high growth areas and the beauty of StarLink lies in its careful choice of vendors that are incomparable with any other in the market.”

“Digital Transformation, today, is no more a buzzword. We are living in an age of digital reality and infrastructure is at the center of this transformation. You need a strong platform to support the applications as enterprises move forward in their cloud journey. Companies are moving into subscription models and the focus is on shifting from capex to opex models. Customers no longer want to pay upfront for their services; hence it is a pay-as-you-grow approach. We ensure that we choose our vendors wisely who are able to support this transformation. The major engine propelling the cloud is moving from capex to opex.”

StarLink has an established network of 1,500 partners across 20 countries, servicing 2,200+ customers. The strategy is to continue delivering incremental business to partners based on integrated end to end solutions and technologies. Partner mapping is important and is done through a study of the vendors existing partner field engagement systems. StarLink sees where it can deliver impact through its partner ecosystem