Weak Passwords exposed across cloud, Big Data, Devops, Containers says Centrify

Andy Heather, General Manager EMEA, Centrify

Two areas where many people are focusing on are multi-cloud and artificial intelligence. The move to cloud has been happening for years, but most organizations are now finding themselves in a hybrid cloud environment that is quickly moving to include multiple cloud providers.

How they will control and secure access to those environments and workloads is an emerging challenge. For artificial intelligence, this is an area where people have a lot of hope and expectations for machine learning and other intuitive solutions to help business be more agile and more secure.

“The never-ending headlines about data breaches continue to be a big business driver for us. Many organizations are finally realizing that cyber-attackers are no longer hacking into corporate networks, they are simply logging in. And they are doing it using weak, default, or compromised passwords that are the easiest way in, the path of least resistance,” says Andy Heather, General Manager EMEA, Centrify. As more organizations make that realization and understand that 80% of data breaches involve privileged access abuse, they are turning to Centrify to help them secure an increasingly-expanding threatscape that includes cloud, big data, DevOps, containers and more.