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Security is never an aftermath. The role of CISOs in the perimeters of a smart enterprise has been evolving. Bridging security gaps in a digital enterprise is on the top priority of any decision maker, as emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, Blockchain and Fintech rule the roost.

The GEC Security Symposium 2018, a brand new presentation of Cyber Sentinels, explores the true meaning of what end-to-end security means in a digital enterprise. The symposium will include security keynotes, demonstrations, exhibitions and expert panels on the trends and niche offerings in modern security.

A one-stop-shop forum for latest security insights, solutions and CISO networking, the GEC Security Symposium is your new go-to-event showcase, learn or share about Security that matters.


George Eapen is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for GE in Middle East, North Africa & Turkey
George Eapen is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for GE in Middle East, North Africa & Turkey

What is New

GECSS is not just any other security event that runs presentations after presentations and exhibitors are limited to their booths waiting for attendees to pass by. With special networking sessions for all the exhibitors and partners (further details in the partnership and exhibition packages), the symposium makes sure that the attendees and the partners can make the maximum out of the networking opportunities presented.

Focused Roundtables:

Selected exhibitors/partners will be entitled to a focused roundtable of 10 to 15 CISOs that will cover end-to-end security topics that includes cyber security, cloud security, networking security, email security, document security, firewalls and emerging IOT security.

Expert Training and Workshops:

Selected exhibitors/partners will get an opportunity to run an expert training/certification workshop for a selected list of security officers/personnel. An ideal opportunity to showcase your solutions to a focused group of attendees.

Country-specific Sessions:

There is no one-security-fits-all when it comes to the different countries of GCC— we understand this. Witness the coming together of leading security minds from the government and private sectors in the region as they present their security infrastructure.

GEC CISO Awards 2018

With increased security breaches across the world and the security perimeters getting more and more vulnerable, CISOs are no lesser than a superman in their respective organizations.

The GEC CISO Awards will recognize the hard taskmasters of security in the digital enterprises and felicitate their unwavering commitment towards their organization’s security infrastructure.

More than 25 path-breaking CISOs/ IT Security managers to be felicitated with the coveted title.

Cyber Sentinels Security Awards 2018

As the threat landscape becomes increasingly vulnerable with each passing day, there is no end to innovation and no limit to betterment when it comes to enterprise security solutions. The Cyber Sentinels Security Awards 2018 recognizes the security vendors, VADs, System Integrators and Resellers who have walked the extra mile in innovating their solutions and services for the customers and redefined the term 'value' in security offerings.

Who Will Attend/Exhibit

  • CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs


  • 11.00am: Registration and Networking
  • 12.00pm: Lunch
  • 01.00pm: Symposium Welcome note by Editor
  • 01.10pm: Title sponsor keynote
  • 01.20 pm: Cyber Security: The days of defense are gone! CISOs today have to be well equipped with a more offensive approach to security. Aggressive, Rapid, Anticipating! What is your roadmap?
  • 01.35pm: Email Security: Most vulnerable threat vector for modern enterprises. A step towards reducing the threat vectors and making communication and collaboration more secure.
  • 01.50pm: CISO Speak
  • 02.00pm: Networking Security: Once the integrity of your network is compromised, there is no u-turn! Downtime prevention, regulation & compliance, authorization etc make your threshold more secure
  • 02.15pm: Ransomware: 2017 has been a ruling year for this. Cryptovirology crippled many organizations undefinable ways. Do you have a no-ransomware rulebook?
  • 02.30pm: CISO Speak
  • 02.45pm: The Blockchain Blueprint: An Interactive panel with the Blockchain service providers with a blend of end-users. Nascent yet niche. How organizations can reap the benefits of the distributed ledger, yet have it secure?
  • 03.00pm: Digital Forensics: A road quite less taken yet gaining momentum. Cloning techniques and highly structured incident responses rise as the new mandate for quick resolution of high-end crimes
  • 03.15 pm: COFFEE BREAK
  • 03.30pm: CISO Speak
  • 03:40pm: The Next-gen Security Blueprint Expert Panel: What CISOs should expect, How vendors should exceed?
  • 03.55pm: Introduction to Cyber Sentinels Security Awards 2018
  • 03.50pm: Cyber Sentinels CISO Awards 2018
  • 04.10pm: Security Sentinels Awards 2018
    • Security Vendor 2018
    • Security VAD 2018
    • Security SI 2018
    • Security Reseller 2018
  • 04.30: Closing Note and End of the Symposium

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